Special Memory - Personalized Cat Urn

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We know how sad it is to lose your friend, and how much you miss them when they are gone, but we also know how nice it is to have a special and unique memento of your kitty, made especially for you. We can create this urn in the likeness of your favorite cat so that you can keep their ashes in it or simply serve as a reminder of that unique little animal. And if you are lucky enough to have it with you, you can use it as a multipurpose box, for whatever you like, sure that they will take care of keeping your treasures safe.

Materials: ceramica, arcilla blanca, esmalte, pigment

9 cm diameter (3.54 in) and 15.5 cm.
overall height (6.10 in).
Lid height 5.5 cm (2.17 in).
Capacity: 300 ml or 10.14 oz.

- Made of white clay or earthenware.
- Decorated with inorganic pigments.
- Finish with a watercolor effect and a transparent glaze.
- Can be used in the dishwasher or microwave.

* Each piece in this collection is handmade and unique, so it may differ slightly from the photographs.