Fall Themed Mailbox Cover - Gift For Pet Lover

$25.99 Regular price $31.99
Personalized Mailbox Cover is a special edition just for the fall and for pet lovers. You can show off your dogs and design your mailbox in the autumn style you want. It can instantly and easily cover up scratches, dents or other unsightly marks on your mailbox. A perfect gift for pet lovers and anyone on Autumn, Thanksgiving, etc.

Sizes: 20.7x18.03 inch & 25.4x20.78 inch

  • Magnetic PVC: For the Magnetic Mailbox, the front is PVC, it is UV printed, and the back is a magnet.
  • PVC Film: For the Plastic Mailbox, only PVC, similar to stickers, and the back is the glue.
Feature: Double-sided Printing. Durable, long-lasting and flexible, UV resistant and fade-proof.

How to use:
  • For Magnetic Mailbox: simply place it over your metal mailbox and the magnets will hold the cover in place.
  • For Plastic Mailbox: After receiving our product, just tear the film on the back and stick it directly on the mailbox.
Package: Includes a cut-out notch for your mailbox flag.